FedEx Pay Periods Calendar 2022

FedEx Pay Periods Calendar 2022 – FedEx Corporation, previously Federal Express Corporation and then FDX Corporation, is an American global conglomerate holding corporation headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. It is focused on transportation, e-commerce, and business services.

FedEx Average Salary

The typical FedEx compensation ranges from $25,000 to $131,868 per year for Warehouse Associate to Finance Manager. FedEx hourly compensation ranges from $10.00 for a Posting Clerk to $27.10 for a Quality Assurance Manager.

As a reminder, readers should bear in mind that all these data are supplied primarily to facilitate wide comparative analysis to find out exactly how much you’ll be paid, speak with your employer or the government agency that sets the minimum wage in your area.

FedEx Pay Periods Calendar 2022

Does FedEx pay weekly or biweekly? Employees’ salaries are paid in weekly¬†pay periods. Frequency of payday depends on the occupation. The compensation schedule, however, may vary based on the state’s labor laws.