SpartanNash Pay Periods Calendar 2022

SpartanNash Pay Periods Calendar 2022 – SpartanNash is a multi-regional wholesaler and retailer of groceries. The company’s primary activities include distribution of food items to independent grocery shops, select national retailers, corporate-owned retail locations, and military commissaries in the United States.

SpartanNash Average Salary

The typical SpartanNash income ranges from $25,000 to $124,146 per year, depending on the position. Hourly wages at SpartanNash range from $9.17 for a Grocery Associate to $27.37 for a Senior Diesel Mechanic.

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SpartanNash Pay Periods Calendar 2022

Does SpartanNash pay weekly or biweekly? Employees’ salaries are paid in weekly pay periods. Frequency of payday depends on the occupation. The compensation schedule, however, may vary based on the state’s labor laws.