Thurston County Pay Periods Calendar 2021

Thurston County Pay Periods Calendar 2021 – Thurston County is a Washington state county. It had a population of 252,264 people as of the last census, which was conducted in 2010. Olympia, the state’s capital and largest city, serves as both a county seat and a city. Lewis County became Thurston County on January 12, 1852, when the administration of Oregon Territory split it in half.

Thurston County Average Salary

Thurston County’s average monthly wage ranges from $4,093 for an Office Worker to $8,167 for a Systems Project Manager, depending on experience. Thurston County’s average hourly wage is between $14.23 and $38.99 for Recreation Leaders and Divers, respectively.

The figures supplied here are simply for the intention of establishing general comparisons. Because the minimum wage differs from state to state, it’s important to double-check your salary with your employer.

Thurston County Pay Periods Calendar 2021

Thurston Pay Periods Calendar 2021

Semi-Monthly Thurston County Pay Periods Calendar 2021. Use this for reference only. More detail, please contact Thurston County.

Employees’ salaries are paid on a semi-monthly pay periods. Frequency of payday depends on the occupation. Nevertheless, based on the labor laws in the state at which they work, their salary schedule may vary.